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Camp Widow Toronto

Camp Widow Toronto

November 8-10, 2024

This event is hosted by Soaring Spirits Canada in Toronto, Ontario. The hotel is steps away from Toronto City Hall and the iconic Toronto sign, as well as the Toronto Public Labyrinth.

Full Camps

Camp Widow Australia

Camp Widow Australia

May 24-26, 2024

Camp Widow is returning to Brisbane, Australia in 2024! This event will be open to all widowed people and hosted in partnership with the First Light Widowed Association.

Camp Widow Los Angeles

Camp Widow Los Angeles

November 2, 2024

Our Los Angeles, California event will focus on the LGBTQ+ widowed experience and be offered exclusively for this community at the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Camper Comments

Wondering if Camp Widow is right for you? Read through the comments from past campers to get a sense of what this program offers to the widowed people who attend.

Before this weekend, I hated the word widow. Now I know widows not only rock but are resilient!!

I'm heading home today. Suitcase is about 6kg heavier - heart is much lighter having learned a lot over the weekend and released some sadness. Thanks for welcoming this lost Brit into the fold!

What a great experience Camp Widow Toronto was this weekend. Amazing people .... all of you. It was comforting to be with people who are traveling my journey and get it. I felt real for the weekend.

My first Camp Widow was an amazing experience. Unquestionably the most caring and inspiring group of people I will ever meet!

So would I go again? YES. (How do you shout YES?) Will I go again? YES!

Support a Camper

Support a Camper

Soaring Spirits offers some level of financial support to any widowed person who requests financial aid in order to attend one of our Camp Widow® weekends. The generosity of our donors and event sponsors makes this financial support possible for each and every Camp Widow® event.

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Soaring Spirits International: Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Soaring Spirits International (SSI), we believe that widowhood is a shared human experience, transcending boundaries of marital status, gender, sexual identity, and religious traditions. Our programs welcome and honor the diversity that grief brings, offering support to anyone who has experienced the death of their person.

We are committed to ensuring equitable access to our programs, recognizing that underserved populations face barriers in accessing grief support. Through active outreach and data collection, we work to remove these barriers systematically and consistently.

Inclusion is at the heart of our mission. We understand that mourning takes different forms across cultures and identities. With curiosity and cultural humility, we continually adapt and expand our resources to serve an ever broader and more diverse community of widowed individuals. We actively seek feedback from underrepresented communities to ensure our programs are relevant and inclusive.

Our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion is an ongoing journey. We regularly review and improve our efforts, staying connected with the evolving needs of our global community.

Our full statement and DEI action plan can be found by clicking this link.

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Camp Widow is grateful for the incredible support of our corporate and community sponsors. Our work is fueled by their generosity.